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Reference Services


Reference Collection consists of encyclopedia, dictionaries, indexes and abstracts, statistics resources.Reference Collection materials can not be borrowed and only used inside the Information Center. The duties of the reference librarians include: to determine the information needs of users; to show users how to get the best out of the collection and library services;  to organize orientation programs. The orientation programs are given by the reference librarians on demand. To Perform ILL (Interlibrary Loan) services.  To explain and show how to search for library materials. . Using IC and other Library resources to gather fast and accurate information for the client.To Make a Literature Search from the electronic databases for the users.

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Document Delivery Services


The aim of this service is to obtain journal articles which is not available in SDU Information Center collection from other university libraries  for SDU academic staff, Master and Phd students.

Article Delivery Services

  • Domestic Delivery Article request obtain from other university libraries and ULAKBİM'. Cargo delivery and photocopy charges must be paid by clients.
  • Abroad Delivery  If the requested article is not available in libraries in Turkey, such articles can be provided from foreign libraries by request . All charges must be paid by clients.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

  • The aim of Interlibrary Loan is to provide users with access to resources not available at  Suleyman Demirel University through borrowing  from other libraries. These services are available for SDU academic staff, Master and Phd students. Please check the SDU Library Catalog in order to ensure that the book is not available in our collection and search the other university library catalog before submitting the request form.
  • You should specify which university library has the book.
  • All  loans will be available at the Reference Desk at the Information Center during their regular business hours. Items can be returned to Reference Desk.
  • Periodicals, reference Material, theses, reserve material are difficult to borrow via ILL.
  • Materials damaged or not returned will be subject to replacement costs (determined by the lending library)  processing fee, and, if applicable, the maximum overdue fine. Please inform Interlibrary Loan if the material is damaged while in your possession. To avoid overdue fines, please notify Interlibrary Loan immediately if material is lost or stolen.
  • Cargo delivery  charges must be paid by clients.
  • The Request Form must be filled out accurately.

For more information please send e-mail to

Rules for materials borrowed by other University Libraries and Research Libraries

  • Only University libraries and research libraries can use ILL service.
  • ILL request form must be filled out accurately for borrowing processing.
  • University and research libraries may borrow up to 25 books for 1 month.
  • If the item has not been reserved by another user and if there is no fine to be paid, before the due date it can be renewed for once.
  • The current overdue fee is 50 YKr per item per day for overdue items
  • The requested materials are delivered by cargo, Cargo delivery charges are paid by requested library.
  • Periodicals, Reference material, Rare boks, Reserve materials and Multimedia materials can not be borrowed.

For more information please send e-mail to

Circulation and Borrowing


All students, academic and administrative staff and outside users may use the Information Center.  Information Center materials can only be borrowed by the university students and the university staff. Outside users do not have borrowing rights but they can copy library material at the Photocopy Center
Borrowing boks need registration, all university undergraduate, master and Phd students and Academic and administrative staff can registrate with their SDU ID Card
All users must show their SDU id card in order to borrow books, it is not allowed to take out books without borrowing process. All borrowed books must be returned in time or must be renewed. Reserved books can not be renewed.

There are different borrowing rules for each user group.

Undergraduate students may borrow 5 books for 21 days.

Master and PHD Students may borrow up to 10 books for 21 days.

SDU Administrative staff may borrow up to 10 books for 21 days.

SDU Academic staff may borrow up to 20 books for 30 days.

Newspapers, Periodicals, Theses, Rare Books, Audio-Visual Materials and Reference collection can not be borrowed. Late return of Information center material will incur fines. Borrowing services shall not be available until the fine is paid.  In the case of loss of a material, the user must provide the same edition of the lost material, otherwise the user will be obliged to pay its replacement value plus 200% penalty.

Off-Campus Access


Rezerve Collection


The aim of the Library's Reserve Services is to enhance the educational process by enabling faculty to place library and personally owned materials on restricted loan to students for limited periods of time.
The Library Reserve system will provide access to course materials (lecture notes, textbook, etc.) written or selected by faculty as required instructional materials. This guarantees that the material is available in the Library for students to use, as and when the assignments are given to the class.

Reserve Collection system also provides Access to University theses.

Rezerve Policy

Only faculty members and  instructors may request that an item be placed on reserve by filling out  “Reserve Collection Request Form
Please check the SDU Library Catalog in order to ensure that the item which you want to reserve is not available in our collection.
If the item you want to reserve is available in Information Center’s Collection, you must fill out “Reserve collection reqest form” and mail to . If the item is not available in the collection, you may request it by filling out “Book request form
To assure timely processing of reserve material before the semester starts.   The Library does not take responsibility for the request forms which are not sent in time.

Using Reserve Material

  • Materials in Reserve Collection may be borrowed for 2 hours
  • Reserve Materials can not be taken out of the library and only used in Information Center.
  • Reserve items are in high demand; therefore, there is a limit of 1 item per borrower.
  • If there is no other request for the borrowed item, only one renewal is allowed for users.
  • Overdue materials will incur fine per hour.

 You may send e-mail to  for further information. 



Click here for detailed information about Multimedia Services.

Special Collection

The Special Collection includes rare and valuable books, journals, maps and off-prints.

24 Hours Study Room

24 Hours study room can be used when information center is closed. Wireless internet Access is also avaliable in 24 hours study room.

Research Computers

There are 16 OPAC terminals located on each floor of the Library for accessing Information Center catalog. Also there are 40 computers with internet connection are available for library users for researching purposes.

Photocopy Services

All users may use photopy services at the photocopy center inside the Information Center in working hours.

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